STW Rules

Forum Rules:
The Golden Three

1.) You are responsible for any and all forum posts that you make under your username. Racially, religiously, and sexually inappropriate remarks and/or images is strictly prohibited without exception.

2.) "Flaming", "trolling", or any other action that can be construed as harassment is strictly prohibited.

3.) Respect your all your fellow forum users, including the staff. If you take issue to something that occurred in the production and release of a particular show or roleplay, you are encouraged to e-mail or private message (PM) a staff member.

In all three cases, the first offense will result in a temporary suspension. Further offenses may result in being permanently banned from the forum boards.

Roleplaying Rules:

Strike Towers Wrestling is an eFederation that focuses on roleplaying and storylines. Your roleplays determine the outcome of a particular match but storyline will decide HOW the match is to end.

1. Wrestlers

a] All Wrestlers are to be original. Therefore no wrestlers that are submitted to the STW and have any obvious characteristics as any real wrestler, their application will not be accepted.

b] A stable must be made up of a minimum of
3 active wrestlers. If you are under this minimum, your stable will not be put on the Stables Roster.

c] There are height and weight restrictions. The limit is
7'2" and 500 lbs. Any taller or heavier and the wrestler's contract will be void.

2. Roleplays

a] Roleplays must make sense. Check spelling and grammar.

b] The deadline for roleplaying on STW Revenge are Tuesday Nights at 11:59pm EST the night before the event, unless noted otherwise.

c-1] Roleplay to the best of your ability. Quality over quantity.

c-2] You MAY NOT utilize racial, sexual, or religious slurs UNLESS it is specifically necessary within the context of your roleplay. STW is not a place for you to air your grievances - get involved in local politics if that is your desire.

c-3] Co-writing a roleplay with another member of the site is strictly prohibited.

d] You are allowed no more than 2 roleplays per match, Pay-Per-View or otherwise, unless other limitations arranged. You may not post more than 1 roleplay within 24 hours of deadline.


e] You MAY NOT use another wrestler in your RP without their express permission. First offense, your RP will not count. Second offense, suspension. Third offense and you will be banned from the fourm.

f] If your opponent does not roleplay in the time allotted, you will automatically win the match.

g] Roleplays are judged based on the following criteria:

a] STW cards are as follows:

b] Pay-Per-Views generally happen once per month, usually near the end of the month. All or some titles will be on the line at each Pay-Per-View.

4. Booking Matches, Angles and Interferences

a] Requests for matches are to be submitted to CEO Taryn Willow & Owner Big T (Bookers) before the card is posted on Thursdays.

b] Angles and Interferences are to be sent in to CEO Taryn Willow (Producer), Owner Big T, & Owner Nirvana prior to deadline Tuesday evening.

c] All Angles and Interferences need to be approved by an EXECUTIVE member of the staff for them to take place.

d] Established Storylines and Angles take president over Beginning Storylines and Angles. However, COMPROMISE is key to storyline harmony and we aim to make ALL PLAYERS happy.
5. Titles

a] There are currently 4 STW Titles. They are as follows -

6. General Information

a] If you need a week off, please contact a member of staff.

b] Any problems or issues whatsoever, please contact a member of staff. Leave it off the public forums.

c] If you are displeased with an outcome to a particular match, please remember that disparate members of staff voted on your match to determine the outcome. It was not one person's arbitrary decision and the outcome will not be reversed by complaining about it.

d] Finally, enjoy your career with Strike Towers Wrestling. It will be an experience you will never forget!